Irrigation Taxes

Irrigation taxes are imposed on property within the Wichita County Water Improvement District No. 2 that has been classified irrigable (able to irrigate/flow irrigation water by gravity flow).

Taxes are used to fund maintenance and operations of the Wichita County Water Improvement District No. 2. Irrigation canals and drainage ditches are maintained throughout the District.

Tax Rate- the tax rate is set by the Board of Directors every year at the August Board Meeting. The rate for 2023 is $6.30 per acre with a minimum of $6.30 on parcels one acre or less.

Tax statements are mailed every year in October and can be paid from October through January 31 of the next year. Taxes become delinquent on February 1 and penalty and interest are added each month thereafter until paid.

Payment methods include: cash, personal check, cashiers check, or money order.  Now pay with credit card (visa, master card or discover) by clicking “Pay Bill” option in the menu.