Irrigation Rules and Regulations

The Board of Directors adopts these rules and Regulations to insure for the benefit of all parties an efficient allocation of water and an equitable water supply. The rules and regulations are to be used for a guide in the operations of the District for the mutual benefit of all parties and may be changed by the Board from time to time as warranted. No statement or action taken herein shall be construed to be a legal contract or document. The Rules and Regulations as adopted will become a part of the District Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan.

General Rules and Regulations

  1. Water orders should be made directly to the ditch rider three (3) days before the water is to be delivered. Water orders shall specify the number of acres to be watered, place of delivery, time water is desired and the kind of crop to be watered. The District reserves the right to withhold water delivery until a sufficient number of orders have been received to prevent wastage of water.
    • Delivery of water will be made in the order that requests are made.
  2. The District will deliver the water at the time and place specified, or as soon hereafter as practicable. The user is requested to be in the field to receive water ordered, if not, it will be assumed by the District that all user’s ditches are set to take care of the water. Irrigators not ready to receive water ordered shall wait until all those having pending orders on the same lateral have been served.
  3. In the event the flow of water is too much or not enough to meet the user’s need, the ditch rider should be notified as soon as possible. Any user allowing water to run into borrow ditches, etc. will be cut off immediately and will not be allowed to receive further deliveries until District management has been satisfied wastage will not occur again.
  4. In order to conserve water and insure timely deliveries to all, irrigation water users are urged to keep their field ditches free of weeds and grass or other impediments that might restrict water conveyance. In cases where field ditches are not reasonably free of impediments and not in good condition, it shall be the duty of the ditch rider to bring the situation to the attention of the user, and if it is not remedied, to stop the flowage and refuse water delivery until the condition is remedied.
  5. District employees are responsible for opening, closing, or changing district gates, valves and elevation checks. Water deliveries are the responsibility of the ditch rider. Anyone tampering with gates, valves and checks affects the flow of water being furnished to others. Unauthorized tampering with valves, gates and checks cannot be allowed.
  6. The District provided right-of-ways and constructed main canals and necessary laterals to carry water to the high points of each tract of land (down to a minimum of an eighty acre tract) when the system was constructed. This obligation is still met. As land is sub-divided, water is delivered through community ditches which are jointly owned and maintained by the owner of each piece of property that the community ditch passes through. All land owners are strongly urged to provide each tract sold access to a District canal so that each new land owner can receive water.
  7. When water is delivered out of the normal irrigation season, the Board may assess a special charge for livestock water and filling of tanks. In the winter months no irrigation water will be run until enough orders are received to substantiate filling of the main canals.
  8. No irrigation water will be delivered to a landowner or tenant whose tract of land has a delinquent tax or a contract for services that has not been paid in full.
  9. No water may be taken from the District distribution system unless approved by the District Board of Directors. This allows District taxpayers to receive fair compensation for water and control pollution of their waters.
  10. The District does not supply untreated canal water of domestic purposes to anyone residing near the canal. The prohibited purposes for human consumption are as outlined by Title 40 Code Federal Regulations Part 141 (Human consumption includes drinking, bathing, showering, cooking, dishwashing and maintaining oral hygiene).
  11. In the event the water user violates any of these rules and regulations, the District may, at the discretion of the management or ditch rider, refuse further delivery of water until satisfied that there will be no further violation of rules.
  12. See attached Sub-chapter C, Section 11.081, 11.082 and 11.083 of the Texas Water Code.

As adopted by BOD, December 11, 2001.