Mowing canals during drought

Installation of concrete pipe for drainage – 2017

Adding bentonite (drilling mud) to control seepage – 2017

Sock pipe installation in City VIew area – 2017

Dredging the South side canal – February 2018

Pipeline Installation – 2021

Pipeline Installation – 2021

Wichita County Water Improvement Districts No. 1 and 2 played a major role in the agricultural development of Wichita County. By 1900, Joseph Kemp, whose business activities were vital for the growth of Wichita Falls, developed plans for irrigation, leading to the construction of Lake Wichita. By 1913, Kemp and his brother-in-law Frank Kell, filed a plat for irrigation subdivisions. They envisioned agriculture becoming the backbone of Wichita County’s economy when the oil boom ended. (Learn More)